Yellowstone fans can’t handle Kevin Costner’s emotional funeral speech in a new episode

Fifth season of Yellowstone It began earlier this month with a major tragedy When Monica (Kelsey Aspel) gets into a car accident at 37 weeks pregnant, the accident results in the death of the baby – the son she and husband Case Dutton named John. This week, the family put the baby to rest, and the funeral featured an emotional moment between Monica and older John Dutton (Kevin Costner) that has sparked feelings of emotion and tears since it aired. Warning: spoilers for this week’s episode Yellowstone“Horses in Heaven”, after this point.

At the end of the funeral, which was a private gathering of Native Americans on the Yellowstone property, John waits for things to fall apart when he approaches a very grieving Monica. Sitting by her grave, he tells her that he understands her grief, having lost a son himself, but also tells her the story of his brother, who died as a child too, and how that child lived a perfect life, only known as his own. mother’s love. It’s a message Monica needed to hear about her son–even though his life was short, it was perfect because all he knew was his mother’s love. As you can imagine, the poignant moment brought tears to Monica’s eyes, but it also did to fans, who took to social media to respond to the moment.

Read on to find out how to do this Yellowstone Fans are reacting to this deeply emotional letter and be sure to tell us your thoughts as well. did you cry Did the speech make you emotional, too? Let us know in the comment section!

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