Yellowstone Recap: Season 5 Episode 4 Has Jamie & Beth’s Epic Fight

Brake alert: This post contains spoilers from Yellowstone Season 5, Episode 4, “Horses in Paradise,” which premiered Sunday, November 27 on the Paramount Network.

Ah, the holidays. That time of year where you see your family and think, “Why didn’t I inherit a huge farm?” and “How can I demolish my brothers in order to build an empire?” At least these are the normal thoughts for die-hard Yellowstone fans. Even though your family may not be as cool, mean, or drunk as the Duttons, I still hope you have a great Thanksgiving.

But enough honest thinking! Let’s wrap up our beer bottles and dive into this week’s episode, which begins the morning after Beth (Kelly Riley) has her bar fight.

  • Welcome to everyone’s favorite spin-off, “Beth Behind Bars”.
  • “Some bitch from California tried to fuck my husband so I hit her with a beer bottle.” “So you are, like, a fucking criminal.” “I am the wrath of a despised woman – call it what you will.” Great back and forth, but we’ll probably call you the culprit, Beth!
  • The best acting in this episode so far is courtesy of Wes Bentley, whose dirty grin as he rescues Jimmy Beth from prison is a smug climax.
  • Beth, will insulting Jimmy really inspire him to get you out of jail faster? What are you playing here?
  • If John (Kevin Costner) had to attend a Montana teachers’ lunch, what would he talk about? Sorry guys Montana – you sure are Not Dutton priority.
  • One look at Stanley Roberts (Emile Beheshti) and his plan to lease the land for a solar farm proves he is John’s main political advisor.
  • “You are all fired.” Well, that solves it!
  • Doesn’t the US Fish and Wildlife Service need more evidence to accuse the governor’s cowboy of killing wolves? I mean… hmm she didbut that’s in addition to the point!
  • Lilli Kay does some great work as Clara Brewer, John’s new assistant. They’re a slightly odd couple, but she seems to hop on his no-nonsense train quickly, and they have good, quick banter.
  • Jimmy may be a sneaky snake, but he sure is great at legal shenanigans. It was hard to see Hailey Brewer (Ashley Platz) so upset at being cheated by the legal system, but it’s also nice to see him win after losing so much.
  • I’m not crying about all these good guys digging graves… You’re crying.
  • Finally, Senator Lynell Perry (Wendy Muniz) tells John to pull it together, do his job and stop whining in a way he can hear. It was fun seeing him early in the season as the ruler who didn’t want to rule, but it just had a bit of a lethargy in his character. stir up some shit!
  • It’s fun to imagine that every time Beth sits in a car, she immediately starts throwing things around, hitting the driver in the head with file folders in the process.
  • Oof, what an emotional outburst from Beth. I’m glad she didn’t kill them both by causing Jimmy to flip the SUV, but it’s easy to understand why she hated him so much in that moment.
  • “I’m going to steal fatherhood from you, Jimmy.” Yikes, what a scary line, even from Beth.
  • Riley and Bentley give some panic attacks and screams as they act out in this episode.
  • Well… who would have thought that Jimmy would hit Beth with his car?
  • A big laugh as this truck driver pretends to care about the “extra challenges” of the criminal justice system while trying to pick up Beth.
  • What a beautiful, mournful funeral, including a quiet moment between John and a grieving Monica (Kelsey Aspel).
  • Sometimes during these extended cowboy sequences all I can think about is how hard it is to run a ranch. Not life for me!
  • As someone who once burned his hand on a sweltering frying pan, I sympathize with this calf who’s got a sore mark.
  • Obviously, real-world inflation has hit the “Yellowstone” world.
  • This is a great development! John Spring’s ex-lover/hippie Summer Higgins (Piper Perabo) breaking out of prison in order to make her the head of his environmental policy is an inspired move. Plus it would upset Beth and cause a strange love triangle with Lynelle. drama!
  • Summer and June will at all Have sex, guaranteed. I give her two rings max.
  • Sarah Atwood (Dawn Olivieri) puts her sexy vocal routine in the thick of it…how could Jamie not see right through it?
  • How did Jimmy not notice Beth at the bar? It’s not completely hidden…
  • I know Beth was gathering clues, but couldn’t she hurry up and not listen to her brother have sex for so long?
  • Uh-oh, who is Sarah Atwood? Mystery!
  • Beth, just let your dad have a sex boyfriend. It’s not the end of the world.
  • Beth’s drinking problem continues – could a trip to rehab be just around the corner?

See you next Sunday night!

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