The Vikings defense was dealt another devastating blow by a new cornerback hit

The Minnesota Vikings have had many reasons to worry about their defense this season, and another reason with Andrew Booth Jr. out for the season.

The Minnesota Vikings have recently been in some tough situations with their defense, most notably a massive 40-3 loss to the Dallas Cowboys in Week 11. While they pulled off a 33-26 win in their final game against the New England Patriots. Their defense remained a concern as they were Allows 382 yards of passing from an opponent.

The news on defense is also getting worse, with the latest update on cornerback Andrew Booth Jr. who will be out for the rest of the season.

booth He underwent knee surgery for a meniscus tear Coming off the Week 11 game against the Cowboys, unfortunately, there isn’t much backup for Minnesota in the cornerback department. A few corner players, notably Cameron Dantzler and Akaylib Evans, also struggle with injuries.

Duke Shelley has stepped up to fill in the gaps over the past few games, and luckily, he’s got good results. he is He broke up two key passes in the end zone Against New England, which certainly helped them get another win.

However, the Vikings generally can’t seem to rest their starting defense this season.

The Vikings defense needs depth and a lot of work

Injuries are common in soccer considering that it is a contact sport, but problems arise when depth levels get injured as well. depth was Point of interest since the start of the seasonEspecially when you think of players like Zadarius Smith and Harrison Phillips.

They rely a lot on their great players but often find themselves dug into a hole that is very difficult to get out of when one of said players is out for whatever reason.

They have improved greatly over the past few seasons and are far from a bad team this season. After all, they currently have an incredible 9-2 record, which doesn’t come by accident at this point in the season. However, this is a point of concern that they need to focus on in order to become better.

Unfortunately, they will have to scramble around the depth chart to find the best player to fill Booth’s shoes for the rest of the season.

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