Elon Musk released Twitter files revealing how she suppressed the Hunter Biden story

eLon Musk released his “Twitter Files” on Friday, revealing how the social media platform cracked down on Hunter Biden’s laptop story.

Matt Taibbi, author of “Griftopia,” “The Divide,” “The Business Secrets of Drug Dealing,” and “Hate Inc.” Post a thread detailing how Twitter began to dominate the political narrative.

“Slowly, over time, Twitter employees and executives began to find more and more uses for these tools. Strangers began petitioning the company to manipulate speech, too: first a little, then more often, then constantly,” the thread reads.

The thread goes on to explain how the Democratic and Republican parties were able to demand that Twitter remove some tweets, despite left-wing politicians overwhelmingly controlling the platform’s “tools” of speech manipulation.

This is a developing story.


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