London-based studios NAAMA are offering Kanye West tattoo removal for free

Kanye WestHis recent statements have completely destroyed his brand, he is now accused of being an anti-Semite Adolf Hitlerand companies are in a hurry to cut ties with him.

while the WestRecent interviews have been unwise at best, it must be remembered that his music once earned him a whole legion of fans.

These fans, in their fandom, are becoming increasingly detached from Kanyemania, and are turning their backs on the star.

For those who have gone above and beyond Kanye West Tattoo, one of London’s tattoo studios has a solution.

NAAMA Studios in London is offering patrons free removal of any of them Kanye West tattoo.

We will remove the file Kanye Tattoo for free,” the studio posted on Instagram.

“When you have a tattoo inspired by someone you love and it ends up making headlines for all the wrong reasons… At NAAMA, we offer a high-tech tattoo removal experience that is both empowering and compassionate.

“If you want change, we’re here to help.”

Kanye West has been removed from Twitter

Since I took charge of the social media platform, Elon Musk He reopened doors to right-wing audiences that had been previously off-limits.

musk He previously stated that he wanted freedom of expression to prevail on his Twitter, though he drew the line that way the WestNoisy antisemitic.

on Friday, the West He saw that his account had been suspended after uploading a series of offensive posts in the previous days.

while in the beginning musk And his team just tried to remove the offensive tweets in question, most notably one in them the West It was suggested that he would go to “Death con 3 on JEWISH PEOPLE”, and he had no choice but to isolate him completely.


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