Kanye West’s Twitter ban got weirder than you think, hint: It involves a UFO sex cult

KAnye West was banned from Twitter on December 2nd for posting a symbol representing a swastika inside a Star of David, and while many thought it was an anti-Semitic post, however, he didn’t come up with the symbol. from office.

UFO cult

The symbol is actually from a UFO cult called the Ralians which according to their information has over 50,000 members in 85 countries.

Ralean believed that “all life was created by the Elohim, who were aliens visiting Earth from another planet,” said Glenn Carter to Vice Information, the British head of the English branch.

No connection to the Jewish community or the Nazis

Members of the sect claim it is not looking to offend the Jewish community, “Don’t worry, it has nothing to do with Jews and Nazis.” Another member named Hawari said.

The swastika was used in other cultures before the Nazis

Hawari claims that the symbol represents infinity with the star pointing up and down. It also said something real: the swastika was used in Asia as a symbol to represent the never-ending cycle of life for centuries before it was adopted by the Nazi Party in 1920.

According to members of the Ral movement, the symbol was used because this is what their founder Claude Vorhelon saw on the front of a UFO he encountered in 1973.

The Raelian Movement / screengrab raelian website

UFO sex cult

One of the most prominent beliefs among the Ralians is that they will develop advanced technology that will save humanity, however, it can only be created with enhanced intelligence that is gained exclusively immediately after sex. yes. like this.

Naturally, its members engage in sexual intercourse constantly, so much so that Playboy even interviewed some of the members about the Pink Angels, called the Chosen Ones who reserve their sexual energy for aliens.

Ralean tried to repurpose the code

The group has pulled resources for the symbol to be revisited, and has called for an International Week of Swastika Rehabilitation.

Thomas Kinzig, a member and spokesperson for the Rallyans family told the New York Post, “It is very important to restore [the swastika] And he explained to the audience that the origin of this symbol is beautiful.

Now why did Kanye post that? Who do you know.


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