A new Windows 11 bug may prevent users from connecting to databases using SQL Server

Microsoft has confirmed a new known issue in Windows 11, which can prevent users from accessing certain databases using the SQL Server driver.

Windows 11 is no stranger to bugs and issues, and Microsoft has just confirmed another problem that users may encounter with the latest versions of the operating system. Found in the latest Patch Tuesday updates released on November 8 for both version 21H2 (the initial release of Windows 11) and 22H2, this new issue can prevent some database connections from working. At the moment, there is no known workaround.

Specifically, Microsoft says that you may see problems when connecting to the database using Microsoft ODBC (Open Database Connections) through the Micrososft ODBC SQL Server Driver (sqlsrv32.dll). A connection error may result in an error message, where users see either the “message: [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver] Protocol error in TDS Stream “or” message: [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver]An unknown token was received from SQL Server”.

The issue first appeared in Windows 11 build 22000.1219 (for users running 21H2) and build 22621.819 (for 22H2), and has yet to be fixed, even with subsequent optional updates released later in November.

Unfortunately, there is no workaround available either. If you encounter this problem, there is not much you can do other than wait for the update that fixes the problem. All you can do now is to check if any of your apps are affected by this error. If you are having database problems and you are not sure why, you can open an application that uses a database and then launch Command Prompt (or Windows Terminal) and type task list / m sqlsrv32.dll. This will show you if there are any tasks using the SQL Server driver that is causing the problem.

Fortunately, Microsoft says it’s working on this, and a fix should arrive in the near future. The Tuesday updates for December will be released next week, so hopefully the fixes will be included there. Keep in mind that this will be the last update of the year, as Microsoft does not release optional C or D updates in December because it will fall in the middle of the holiday season. Just last week, another issue was discovered that could make text unreadable in the Task Manager due to incorrect colors being displayed, and that too is awaiting a fix.

source: Microsoft

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