Aubrey O’Day confesses his love for Donald Trump Jr.

Back in 2012, the front woman for Dainty Kane Aubrey O’Day briefly with Donald Trump Jr..

While Audi Moving away from talking about the fling, the reality TV star finally shared what her feelings are for the businessman.

love forever

“I love him, love, love, love. I will always love him,” Audi Page Six said.

“But I’ve seen him choose an unoriginal life — for status, for power, whatever it may be. I’m so disappointed in what he’s become.

“When I say that [he] He was my soulmate, I’m not going to lie. I’m a very honest person, so I’m not going to say, ‘Oh, I had nothing to do with it. It’s ridiculous.’ Like, no, he was just like me.

“I’ve been a craftsman since I was little, and I’ve always been deeply compassionate. I have a bleeding heart, and I stand up for people who don’t have a voice.

And when I get him, I’m going to use as much of him as I can to push agendas for people who deserve to be seen. And he loved all those things about me. And the guy you’re seeing now probably won’t.

“I think finding what I had is probably going to be very difficult. And I don’t count on it. I’ve completely given up on [love] After that, that’s what I managed to be with poly. “

Audi You think the guy you dated isn’t around anymore.

He was a fiscal Republican, but everything else he wasn’t. Audi I continued.

“For me, I kind of saw him sell out, and I never want him to see me sell out.”


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