Estonia names Edith Carlson for 2024 Venice Biennale Pavilion –

While the 2022 Venice Biennale has just concluded, plans are already taking shape for the 2024 edition of the world’s largest recurring art fair.

On Tuesday, Estonia became the first country to reveal details of its pavilion for the 2024 Venice Biennale. Lining up to represent the country is artist Edith Carlson, who commissioned Maria Aruso, director of the Estonian Center for Contemporary Art in Tallinn, for her pavilion this year.

Carlson’s wing has yet to be named, though its announcement said it would be based on her 2021 exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art Estonia, whose three floors have been transformed into an environment meant to foster an alternative form of existence. The stand will also be immersive and will provide opportunities for participation on the part of viewers.

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Her previous work focused on the relationship between man and the environment, with animals acting as allegorical figures. She didn’t mince words when she said in a statement that humans have affected nature in negative ways.

“I don’t want to build a gallery space with contemporary art objects,” Carlson said. “The world is full of action and we humans have done it. There’s no escaping this situation. No illusions, only drama. Nothing will ever change. It’s tragic and comic, dangerous and funny, terrifying as hell and fun as a circus. I think my job as an artist is to create spaces where evokes The viewer’s fantasies because the most powerful dramas lie in our heads.

No other pavilions have been announced for the 2024 Venice Biennale, whose main exhibition has no curator yet. The main show and the national pavilions are separate from each other, although some countries are making attempts to have their artists respond to themes in the central gallery.

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