In fact, the last Airbender had to change his name thanks to Avatar. Now one of the creators has a joke A + method for water

The symbol picture The controversy has raged for nearly a decade now. Of course, there’s camp dedicated to the Nickelodeon cult classic Avatar: The Last Airbender. Then, there’s the faction dedicated to James Cameron’s billion-dollar sci-fi blockbuster symbol picture. While the 2009 movie followed the animated TV series, the name has become synonymous with the Oscar-nominated movie. This is what caused the debate over “who is the real Avatar” that had been quietly raging between the two factions for years. Now, this Avatar: Water Road Days away from being put on the 2022 movie schedule, the speech is back again. With the revival of this debate was the creator of The last air He entered into a chat with a water method A joke after the series had to change its name.

Prolific animator and director Giancarlo Volpi saw the debate erupt again, so he kept at it Twitter To offer his two cents on this issue. The animator took a moment to explain why the animated series was called symbol picture: The last airand not only symbol picture.

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