NFL Power Rankings Week 14: Raiders rise, Dolphins down

In the NFL power ratings for Week 14, the Las Vegas Raiders are starting to rise while the Miami Dolphins are faltering after an ugly loss.


Houston Tx 1-10-1

last ranking: 32

It’s hard to see Houston win perhaps more than one game on the road.


Denver Broncos 3-9

last ranking: 31

The Broncos could not muster a single touchdown against the Ravens. Absolute shame.


Chicago Bears 3-10

last ranking: 30

Justin Fields is full of fun. The rest of the bears? Not much. Ugly football.


Los Angeles Rams 3-9

last ranking: 29

The Rams have put up the worst championship defense in NFL history. It’s impressively horrific.


Carolina Panthers 4-8

last ranking: 28

Carolina Baker snapped Mayfield on Monday, which pretty much sums up how his season went.


Arizona Cardinals 4-8

last ranking: twenty fourth

At least this week we haven’t had another story about how Kyler Murray and Kliff Kingsbury just can’t stand each other.


New Orleans Saints 4-9

last ranking: 25

The Saints were supposed to compete for a playoff spot. will not happen.


Indianapolis Colts 4-8-1

last ranking: twenty third

It’s always a good idea to drop 50 burgers at prime time, especially when 34 comes in one quarter.


Jacksonville Jaguars 4-8

last ranking: 19

Jacksonville is not doing well and now Trevor Lawrence is dealing with an ankle injury. Another tough season for Jaguars.


Atlanta Falcons 5-8

last ranking: 18

If the Falcons have any shot at claiming the hapless NFC South, they need to beat Pittsburgh at home. did not happen.


Pittsburgh Steelers 5-7

last ranking: 27

The Steelers are somewhat 5-7 and play the Ravens twice, who are currently Don Lamar Jackson under center. running late?


Las Vegas Raiders 5-7

last ranking: 26

Three straight wins for the Silver and Black, and they get the Rams on Thursday night. Raiders pay.


Cleveland Browns 5-7

last ranking: 21

Cleveland returned Deshaun Watson, and while he was bad against Houston, the Browns hit three non-offensive points for the win.


Green Bay Packers 5-8

last ranking: 22

Aaron Rodgers has seen this season turn into a nightmare, but he still owns the Bears family.


Detroit Lions 5-7

last ranking: XX

The Lions set the Jaguars on fire, and continued to improve their game. It may be too late to make the playoffs, but at least it’s progress.


New England Patriots 6-6

last ranking: 17

The offense simply does not challenge the opponents, and the defense is not good enough to win on its own.


Los Angeles Chargers 6-6

last ranking: 15th

Chargers constantly find themselves dealing with the exact same problems. The first issue? training.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers 6-6

last ranking: sixteen

The pirates somehow continue to survive at the end of the games. Tom Brady is still Tom Brady.


New York Jets 7-5

last ranking: Thirteenth

The Jets have more ability with Mike White, but will that be enough to get them into the playoffs?


Seattle Seahawks 7-5

last ranking: fourteenth

Seattle has to start playing better, but they’ve done enough to get past the skeleton crew we saw from the Rams on Sunday.


Washington leaders 7-5-1

last ranking: twelveth

Washington should be happy to tie the Giants. This means that the leaders can decide a very important tie-break with a win at home.


Tennessee Titans 8-5

last ranking: eleventh

Tennessee has been blown away by Philadelphia, largely because Jalen Hurts and AJ Brown have been dominant all along.


New York Giants 8-4-1

last ranking: The tenth

The Giants need to deal with the leaders in a couple of weeks, or they’ll be in a very tough spot.


Baltimore Crows 8-4

last ranking: 9

Depending on how long Lamar Jackson is, the Ravens could suddenly be in free fall.


San Francisco 49ers 8-4

last ranking: VI

The Niners had a great win but fell because Jimmy Garoppolo is out for the season. Now everything depends on Brock Purdy.


Minnesota Vikings 10-2

last ranking: VII

Minnesota isn’t moving up because it’s closing in on another late lead. Vikings find a way, but the games are constantly weird.


Miami Dolphin 8-4

last ranking: Third

Miami should be concerned that whenever they play against a good defense, they struggle to score.


Cincinnati Bengals 8-4

last ranking: VIII

A huge win for the Bengals, who have full ownership of the Chiefs. Three straight over Patrick Mahomes & Co.


Dallas Cowboys 9-3

last ranking: Fifth

Dallas hung the Colts’ 54 points, and the Cowboys continue to look like a Super Bowl contender.


Buffalo bills 9-3

last ranking: fourth

Buffalo now has the top seed in the AFC, but they may need to turn the table in order to hold on. Can the bill do that against a tough slate?


Kansas City Chiefs 9-3

last ranking: the first

Kansas City drops just one spot, losing to a good opponent on the road. The biggest concern has to be Cincinnati climbing straight into the leader’s collective skull.


Philadelphia Eagles 11-1

last ranking: Second

The best team in soccer, the most winning ways.

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