Why Batgirl’s director hopes Brendan Fraser will win an Oscar for Whale (besides his performance)

For those who aren’t in the know, we’re currently in the midst of Brendan Fraser’s big Hollywood comeback, also known as Brenaissance. This is thanks in large part to his globally acclaimed performance in Darren Arnofsky’s new drama Whale. there is a lot of The Oscars buzzed about this roleAnd the bat girl Director Adel Elaraby recently explained why he hopes Frasier will win an Oscar (along with his performance).

canceled bat girl The movie is directed by Filmmaking duo Adel Elaraby and Bilal Falahand featured Brendan Fraser as Batman’s villain Firefly. Unfortunately, it’s unclear if we’ll ever see him, like The project was canceled by Warner Bros. Pictures. Although it is nearing completion. But Brenaissance is still going strong, Adel Elaraby joked recently diverse about what might happen If Fraser wins an Oscar for Best Actor. In his own words:

He is very talented. The way he played that character… He was one of the most memorable villains, so we’ll see. Maybe when it wins an Oscar, they’ll want to screen the movie.

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