Wakanda Forever producer explains major changes to Namor

thanks for the Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, one of Marvel’s oldest characters is now in the MCU – Namor. But while Namor is finally getting into live action as played by Tenoch Huerta, the movie made some major changes to the iconic character by giving the hero a new backstory and origin. Now, Marvel producer Nate More explains some of the major changes in the character from the pages of the comics to the screen. In an appearance on The Town with Matthew Belloni podcast (trans direct), Moore shattered not only the character’s new Mesoamerican heritage, but his relationship with Wakanda as well.

In the comics, Namor and the Black Panther never get along and their two nations often go to war with each other. While we see Wakanda and Talokan fight in Wakanda Forever, there’s a bit of a twist as the two countries eventually come to a truce, but Moore said they kept the comics in mind.

“Yeah, it’s no secret that Ryan [Coogler] He was a fan of Namor, he’s been a fan of Namor for a long time,” Moore said. And in the post, the nation of Wakanda and the nation of Atlantis were often at odds. And Namor and Black Panther don’t like each other.”

He also explained that turning to a Mayan-inspired history helped anchor the character in the real world.

But when thinking from a photography standpoint, what’s interesting about the publication is that Atlantis has a very Greco-Roman feel, is drawn vaguely, and Namor’s backstory isn’t as interesting as you’d like it to be. And that’s from someone who’s read every Namor book. It was like…not It has the depth to be had. And Ryan, as a filmmaker, likes things to be grounded in the real world. So even when he was building Wakanda, it wasn’t like the technical jungle of posting was, ‘Hey, this is a place that really draws on African cultures.’ And I think the idiosyncrasy of this world is part of what made this first movie work.”

This background change also allowed the story to take on colonialism.

“And Ryan, again, is interested in exploring themes of colonialism as he was in the first movie, and he starts looking at the countries that lived that, and he finds some Mayan pottery with inscriptions on it, where the people were blue,” he said. . And he was like, “Oh, that’s kind of interesting,” and he started doing some research on the history of the Maya people in the past and today, and he felt like, “Oh, this is an anchor that could be really interesting,” that gives Namor specificity and gives, Now, the world of Talokan is a idiosyncrasy that makes narrative sense with the story that Ryan and I wanted to tell, and visually it’s an incredibly rich playing field to talk about.”

How important is Namor to fans?

Black Panther: Wakanda Forevr made some major changes to Namor with the movie’s character, played by Tenoch Huerta, who hails not from Atlantis but from Talokan, a world influenced by the rich mythology and history of Mesoamerican culture. Huerta has previously spoken about how important this representation is.

“It’s important that people see themselves in movies that way,” Huerta said. diverse. “It was made with a lot of respect for Mesoamerican culture, especially the Mayan culture. It’s almost everyone’s roots in Latin America. We have Native roots, black roots, we have some white roots, but it’s cool to be here representing this kind of film and I think Wakanda is even better.” place to photograph it.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever In theaters now.


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