Kanye West is urging Kim Kardashian to consider marrying Tom Brady

IA clip from an interview with the now infamous Kanye West has surfaced Alex Jones On InfoWars, the anti-Semitic producer had a “final message” to his ex-wife Kim kardashian.

In one of his many rants that day, in which he literally expressed his admiration for her Adolf HitlerYi made a “final plea” to Kim regarding the way she lives her life and uses her platform. And when things don’t get more random, consider another recent divorce.

Why Kanye wants Kim to marry Tom Brady

Kanye’s bizarre scream tells Kim Kardashian that she should marry Tom BradyIG/@rap

“Marry a great person. Go get married.” Tom BradyAll you want to do is get married and use your platform as an influencer to keep families together. Don’t let the devil use you.” the West He said.

it is known that Brady He is the poster child for excellence for many and a GOAT in football, but funnily enough he is nonetheless the perfect candidate for Kanye West to be a helper in his former home.

Brady Kanye teased in September with an IG interaction

again in September 2022, Tom Brady Comment on one of the Kanye West’Posts on Instagram. Yee, for whatever reason, took it as a sign that TB12 was backing him in a feud with Pete Davidson (Kim’s ex-boyfriend).

West made a new post that includes a screenshot of Brady’s response with the following caption: “Tom Brady in the comments. It’s up, he must hate Sketchy.” [Pete] Toooo. Leave him alone. Hi North, I’m Skeety. Look at my tattoos. I am a pawn sent here to antagonize your father in the hope that he will do something illegal, so we take the house from your life. Oh saint, look at my tattoo. Your name has torn my body, mine too Kid Cudi tattooed but no one knows who he is.”


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