Kim Kardashian fan nearly dies trying to replicate her butt

eversion since then Kim kardashian It went viral for releasing her sex tape with the rapper Ray J and its subsequent realistic presentation, Kardashian The family members have become one of the biggest celebrity influencers in history.

From clothes to homes to luxury cars, Keeping Up with the Kardashians turns everything they touch into fashion gold. Kim, Chloe, Kourtney, Kendall And the Kaylee She is a benchmark when it comes to looking trendy, and part of that is reflected in the crazy things her fans do to try and look fashionable.

The most recent example is a fan who tried to have the same buttocks as Kim but her operation was so complicated that she almost died.

A Kardashian fan spends 10,000 euros on a butt lift to look like Kim

She also commented on her social networks as an influencer Rachel Vasquez I made one of the worst decisions I’ve ever made. The model explained on Instagram that at the age of 23, she saved up a large amount of money to undergo a butt augmentation procedure, also known as a Brazilian butt lift.

This operation consists of increasing the size of the buttocks thanks to a previous liposuction to add the own body fat, which is distributed in other areas in the back of the patient.

Velasco She admitted it was because of the pressure she was under to look like Jennifer Lopez or Kim kardashianShe was impatient and was not sure that she underwent the operation in accordance with all health regulations.

Touching was operated on by a surgeon who did not have a certificate from the official medical association, which means that Rachel She was admitted to a hospital in Los Angeles as an emergency due to the large amount of blood she lost during the operation.

Rachel Velasco She is now in good health and explained that she wanted to share her story to prevent other women from going through the same struggles.


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