The Last of Us Part 1 trailer reveals the PC release date

The Last of Us Part 1 Comes to PC in the new year! The last of us It is one of the most beloved games of the last decade and has defined the PS3 generation and even the PS4 generation thanks to its remaster. It helped elevate Naughty Dog to another level even after the studio found massive success with games like Uncharted. The game was praised for its emotional story, brutal gameplay, and amazing performance. In the eyes of many, it was a killer app for the PlayStation and was one of the only reasons to buy a PlayStation console because it was so good and exclusive to the platform. However, in recent years Sony has started bringing its games to PC and as it happens, one of the best PlayStation games is coming to PC very soon.

At The Game Awards, this was confirmed The Last of Us Part 1 It will be released on PC on March 3, 2023. As of now, we don’t have any specific details about the PC version. It’s unclear if it would have things like ultrawide screen support or any other PC-specific features and settings, but a bunch of other PlayStation PC ports had those things and were very worthwhile in that sense. PlayStation also hasn’t confirmed if it will support Steam Deck, but again, Steam Deck has pretty much vetted all other PC ports the company has made. Of course, the difference here is that this is one of the most graphically intense PS5 games yet, even though it’s a remake of the PS3 game.

Either way, it’s great that more people are playing The Last of Us Part 1. It seems more than likely The last of us part two It’s also coming to PC at some point since it’s about three years old and PlayStation seems interested in bringing the games to PC several years later. It is also likely that there will be a lot of demand for this port after the upcoming release of the first part, but that remains to be seen.

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