The Patriots deal for a future Hall-of-Fame QB, not Tom Brady

Could the New England Patriots trade Aaron Rodgers instead of bringing back Tom Brady? In this distant NFL world, anything is possible.

With the Packers’ season almost in the rearview mirror, let the Aaron Rodgers trade scenarios begin.

The No. 12 has made a small move this season, but it’s unclear how much that has to do with the loss of Davante Adams, and how much (if any) it is due to his age. Rodgers could still have plenty left in the tank, if he wants to play. A change of destination could light a fire underneath.

Much of this has to be presented under the “what if” section, and I’ll admit Rodgers’ trade isn’t that likely. However, Brett Favre leaving Green Bay was considered unlikely, until one year ago, it just happened. If Rodgers wants to play forever, he can get a job somewhere.

Even that remains in question, however, as Rodgers has admitted that he is contemplating retirement and life after football.

When will Aaron Rodgers retire?

Rodgers doesn’t regret returning for the 2022 season, despite the Packers’ struggles.

“I think that’s an exaggeration,” Rodgers said in early November. In Sports Illustrated. “Frustration and misery are two different types of feelings. When I decided to come back, it was all there and I don’t make decisions in hindsight 20/20, you know, I regret big decisions like that. So, I was all there.”

Will this season have an impact on Rodgers’ plans moving forward? If that was the case, perhaps he would want to retire rather than risk an apparent decline, whether it be in Green Bay or elsewhere.

Can the Packers trade Aaron Rodgers to the Patriots?

The Packers could handle a manageable cap in 2023 and 2024 if they trade Rodgers after June 1. With that in mind, sure, there’s clearly a chance Green Bay could deal with him with New England.

In the NFL, we’re taught to expect the unexpected. Assuming Bill Belichick and the Patriots aren’t happy with their production at the QB position (they should be), Rodgers will be playing if he wants to come back. In this case, Jordan’s era of love will be banned for another year.

To get Rodgers, it would take a lot of capital project. Since the Packers will trade Rodgers after June 1, the oldest draft picks they can get in return will be in 2024.

Patriots Get

QB, Aaron Rodgers

Get packages

2024 first-round pick

2024 third-round pick

2025 conditional first-round pick

He would be a conditional first-round pick in 2025 if Rodgers played a full season in New England without an injury.

Rodgers remains pricey, especially because (when he’s healthy) he can still play at a high level. Matter of the Patriots, however, they don’t have many weapons to surround No. 12.

But Rodgers alone will raise the bar for play in the Patriots’ receiving room, and that’s a good start.

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