Even though Zach Braff and Florence Pugh split earlier this year, he has nothing but kind words for his ex-wife’s performance in his upcoming movie.

The last time Zach Braff sat in the director’s chair he was directing Morgan Freeman Go in style. one of His best films It was when he made his directorial debut at garden condition Co-starring with Natalie Portman. His latest independent film will continue his track record of working with a great cast as he reunites with Freeman and works with Florence Pugh for the first time, who was also his girlfriend at the time. Even though the two broke up earlier this year, Braff has nothing but kind words to say about her performance in his movie. good guy.

Florence Pugh has impressed critics in almost every performance she’s been in lately, starring in films like Lady Macbeth, Midsummer, little Women And the do not worry my love. Her next role will be in a Zach Braff directed feature good guy A woman tries to put her life back together after she survives a car crash that kills her fiancé and sister-in-law. This project was undertaken while Braff and Pugh were still together. The two dated from 2019 to 2022 and sadly broke up quietly at the beginning of the year, but scrubs The actor continues to voice his favorite part of working with Pugh EWsaying:

Most of the cast, the director is there to shape and direct them, and in the editing room you really shape the performance. But not a single thing Florence did is wrong, in my mind, like the person who wrote it.

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