Johnny Depp’s lawyer Camille Vasquez slams Amber Heard as a character who ‘burns bridges’

Drduring court TV Closing Arguments with Vinnie PolitanAnd the Johnny DeppAttorney , Camille VasquezHe was interviewed and gave some behind-the-scenes details about the trial between the Pirates of the Caribbean actor and his ex-wife, Amber Heard, which was highlighted during the first half of the year.

In the interview, Vasquez It gives details of some of the events that occurred during the trialand shares the perception he left after he worked In one of the most medical legal issues in recent years.

The crazy story behind Amber Heard and Johnny Depp’s trial

He asserts that many people do not feel friendly with Heard

Camille comments, “One of the toughest witnesses was Dr. Don Hughes.” And another sister was Whitney, Amber’s sister, because She was someone who would stand up for her relative no matter what,” she added.

But perhaps the most interesting part of the interview is when you confirm it What did she say about Hurd? During the closing arguments of the trial. “I think she is, as we said at the time, the bridge-burner,This was followed by a short video showing some of the people who had some kind of relationship with Heard They indicated that they do not have a close relationship with Amber.

“I think these people, including her former lawyer, are no longer friends with her. Some of them showed a closed attitude about itAlthough this in no way means that they lied during their testimony.

Johnny Depp’s lawyer reacted to the lawsuit verdictAP

For Camille, Amber was not treated well by her team

She was also asked why she objected so much to Amber’s statements on the podium, to which Vazquez replied, “She gave the impression that the things she said were things I thought at the last minute, it was notes she had in a notebook. I even felt like no one on her team was helping her with her statements. You would see her team and they always sat where they were. It made me feel really bad for her, because our team is so different. “

On how Camille saw Amber as an advocate, she was very clear: “I never saw her as a credible person or as a likable person. She claimed she was a victim of abuse, but the only person who ended up in the hospital with injuries was Johnny Depp. It was a strong relationship but she was the aggressorShe said.


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