Kim Kardashian plans to build a new $6.3 million vacation mansion on land she got from Kanye West’s divorce

Kim kardashian Apply for a new building permit to build on $6.3 million A plot of land in La Quinta, California, was given to her as part of her divorce Kanye West.

The 42-year-old Kim has begun the process of building her new desert home, which will be constructed by a reputable company Bo Shi Architects And the Tadao Ando Architects & Associatesto me United States Sun.

Kim had already applied to have a building erected on the property last winter, but the permit was revoked before the celebrity even began building her spaceship-shaped abode.

After nearly 11 months of hurdles, a trust connected to Kim has now requested a permit to build a single-family home.

Kim intends to build a pool and spa on it Real estate with an area of ​​41,817 acresto me La Quinta City.

It’s not clear if Kim has stuck to the initial spacecraft design concept, despite her decision to move forward with the same team of architects.

The construction of the Kim Palace was delayed

La Quinta City More information was reportedly requested at February 2022 To comply with fire and pool safety rules before the construction process began, delaying Kim’s path to launch.

However, Kim’s architectural team failed to respond to requests to make changes to the selected blueprints, and time to ask for permission ran out.

Kim had to restart from the beginning because the app expired, making it impossible for her to continue where she left off.


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