What does James Gunn’s Superman reboot mean for Sasha Kaley’s Supergirl?

Now that James Gunn and Peter Safran are officially co-CEOs of DC Studios, the world of movies and TV shows based on the publisher’s characters has never been quite the same. As Gunn and Safran set out their decade-spanning plan for the DC Universe, there’s been a lingering question about which existing characters, franchises, and actors they would take into account. On Wednesday night, we started getting a hint of what’s in store, with news that Gunn himself will be writing a reboot of Superman, which will not star former Clark Kent actor Henry Cavill. It was later reported that the film would not be an origin story, but would star a younger Superman as he arrives in Metropolis.

In the hours since the news broke, fans have mourned the apparent end of Cavill’s take on the character, and are starting to fantasize about who could step into the role in Gunn’s new reboot. But while we wait for those details to be nailed into place, one question still lingers – what does this mean for Sasha Calle’s Supergirl, who will make her debut in Sparkle Next year?

Will Supergirl appear in the DC Universe?

Kaley has been confirmed to play Kara Zor-El / Supergirl in 2023 Sparkle movie, and while we haven’t seen her prominently in much of the movie’s marketing yet, there’s already been a lot of hype surrounding her take on the character. However, the hype didn’t necessarily match the previous one in DC, with reports of part of Kaley’s character being scrapped.

Regardless of whether or not Calle’s Supergirl gets her own profile, there’s the question of whether or not her version of the character could still be kept going in the midst of the Gunn reboot. Recent reports indicated that Cavill filmed a cameo Sparklebut DC isn’t sure whether or not to include the scene in the final film and will likely promise “something the studio won’t plan to deliver.” Now that Cavill appears to be out as Superman for the time being, it seems unlikely that this reappearance will happen – but if he did happen somehow, and prove Kaley’s supergirl was his cousin, it might create some sort of narrative pickle, which is where the script works. Gunn’s will focus on rebooting Superman going forward.

It is said, if Sparkle Ultimately it doesn’t prove that Kali Supergirl is related to Superman Cavill moving forward, there is still a way to keep her around. After all, the cousins’ age difference varies widely from comic to comic, so it wouldn’t be unheard of for 27-year-old Kaley to be a contemporary of a fairly recent Superman. Plus, depending on all the multiverse shenanigans Sparkle Pulls, there’s a chance that a Superman reboot could pave the way for Kaley’s leadership super girl After all — which takes a subtle comic tone, at that.

Sparkle It is currently scheduled to be released in theaters on June 16, 2023.


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