Kanye West faces eviction in Los Angeles due to non-payment

tThe problems continue for Kanye West. Now his company, Yeezy, is facing a serious problem like He is about to be evicted from her Los Angeles offices for non-payment of rent. According to The Nation Newspaper, West owes two months’ rent for $63,254.

CT Calabasas, which owns the office building, asked Kanye Pay the bill in full within 72 hours of notice or facial eviction. “Within three days of giving such notice, you shall pay said rent in full or vacate said premises and surrender possession of it to the authorized agent of the landlord,” Read the eviction notice.

If you fail to pay or give up, legal action will be taken against you for possession of the premises. Forfeiture of the lease and monetary compensation as permitted by law. “

You are further notified that, by such notice, the lessor hereby elects that said lease is forfeited If the rent is not paid in full within three (3) days.

Reports say his company is in shambles

West has been paying rent at this location since 2015, When his company was known as West Brands Fashion. The original lease was for $31,477 per month.

In addition to the eviction, various reports state that Kanye’s company is in shambles and a “chaotic, toxic and abusive work environment”. It is a company full ofSudden and constant layoffs, bullying and humiliation tactics, and a cult-like environment where adulation flourished.”

This issue with Yeezy is just one of several messes in which the rapper, Who has had a year to forget, has participated.


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