Kanye West has been a fan of Hitler for decades, according to his former bandmates

tis the first time Kanye West He was known for his praise Adolf Hitler and the Nazi PartyMost people thought he was just joking. Subsequently, the notorious Information Wars interview with Alex Jones painting a better picture of what the rapper thinks of the dictator. There was Kanye wearing a mask but speaking in a distinctive voice, who was making a plea for people to give Hitler and the Nazi Party a break. in the beginning, Alex Jones I honestly didn’t know how to react to what seemed like a comedy at first. But Kanye was seriously serious and there is new evidence to support this decades-old fixation.

Rolling Stone I decided to go there and interview many Kanye West Former assistants to further investigate this matter. According to their findings, West’s crush Hitler and the Nazis It dates back nearly two decades. One of West’s former followers revealed that he was shocked when Kanye praised Hitler marketing skills during a 2015 business call. He reportedly said that Hitler “really understood how to rally people in a way that no one ever knew.” But his praise of this sinister history also permeated the music industry.

Kanye West always wanted to imitate Hitler

Talking to Rolling Stone!, a source from the music industry revealed how West always aims to mimic the dictator’s control over the masses. Here’s what that source said: “He was very infatuated with it [Hitler] – a person who could completely control people and how he did it. I think maybe it was Hitler’s understanding and how he created his army… I guess [West] He begins to relate roughly how he can manipulate things, not on the same level, but how he can try to make people his “army”.

But Kanye West Obviously, he didn’t talk about this with anyone, you needed to be part of his circle of trust. This is why not everyone knows about these obsessions, he needs to trust you before you pay tribute Hitler in front of you. Another undisclosed source said this to Rolling Stone In the full report: “If he felt you were trustworthy… there was a reasonably high probability that he would attempt to engage with you and preach his beliefs about Hitler and Nazis for you.”


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