End of the legal battle: Amber Heard has reached a settlement with Johnny Depp and will pay $1 million

aAfter years of defamation, lawsuits, accusations and legal battles, the battle between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp came to an end. Attorneys for the two parties reached an agreement that the translator would pay $1 million to her ex-husband.

“I never chose to do that,” admits Amber Heard, who claims her life has been “torn apart by defamation on social media.”

Today they have reached a settlement over allegations they made of each other for defamation in one of the most talked about and controversial divorce cases of recent years in Hollywood.

Both parties’ defense met and came to this agreement, so Amber Heard’s insurance company will pay the “Pirates of the Caribbean” star $1 million to end the legal battle.

The first sentence stipulated the payment of $10 million

The amount to pay Amber Heard is a triumph as far as it goes. In addition, the actress has no impediment to what she says in the future regarding the case, as reported by Mail Online.

The lawsuit between the two lasted six years, after Depp denounced being a victim of domestic violence during a short period of their marriage. A London court ruled in favor of the actress, but the Fairfax jury (Virginia, USA) gave the reason to the actor.

Initially, Amber Heard was to pay Johnny Depp $10 million in damages and another $5 million, but was later reduced to $365,000 in punitive damages. On the other hand, the same jury ordered Johnny Depp to pay $2 million to the Australian artist.

Amber looks forward to moving on

The actress filed a third appeal of that verdict to the Virginia jury, and the legal teams of both met to agree on the final payment of €1 million. A source close to the artist told the aforementioned media, “Amber is looking forward to moving on with her life as she planned it six years ago.”

Amber Heard posted three photos on Instagram announcing the agreement, but she didn’t hide her frustration.

The actress admitted that she had “lost all hope of getting justice” in the US justice system, comparing it to the UK system. On the other hand, she accused her ex-husband of winning because the regime “prefers popularity and power over reason and legal procedures.”



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