Watch NBA Star Myles Turner totally channel The Mandalorian and bust it all in Star Wars Night

star Wars Themed nights are always a blast for fans of sports teams as it gives them a chance to blend their love for their team with the franchise. It’s also just as much fun for some gamers, some of whom are more on-topic and have a little fun with custom shoe designs or some other nod to the franchise. NBA star and Indiana Pacers player Miles Turner took his fanbase to the next level, showing up on game day dressed up and ready to show some love. The Mandalorian.

It turns out that you don’t always need a Disney+ subscription to watch other bounty hunters in action. If you follow the Indiana Pacers on Instagramor were in the team’s game against the New York Knicks for the star Wars At night, you could see Dean Jaren hanging out with his mate star Wars Favorite Ahsoka Tano and some Tusken Raiders. Oh wait, it was just Miles Turner going out of his way to show his love for the series, and I absolutely love that. check it out:


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