Carlos Correa contract suspension: everything to know [UPDATED]

What’s going on with Carlos Correa and the San Francisco Giants? Correa’s press conference was postponed due to his physical condition. Here’s everything you need to know.

Carlos Correa was scheduled to be introduced by the San Francisco Giants on Tuesday afternoon at a press conference, but that was ultimately postponed due to issues with the medical doctors at the star shortstop.

Korea’s physical injury brief hitch. It’s unknown what that hitch was about, though it had nothing to do with his back, according to Suzanne Slusser.

The 28-year-old has dealt with injury concerns in his career, but has played in more than 130 games in two consecutive seasons. Last year, he batted .291/366/.467 with .834 OPS in a short-term deal with a player option after the first year.

Carlos Correa back injury

Carlos Correa suffered a back injury in 2019, which led to some recurring issues in the shortened 2020 COVID-19 season. Since then, however, he has reportedly been fine. As Suzanne Slusser mentioned above, Correa’s physical handicap has nothing to do with his back. Korea date of injury is complicated, as he suffered rib and thumb injuries as well in his MLB career.

Why was the press conference of Carlos Correa delayed?

FanSided’s Robert Murray chimed in on the incident as well: “Carlos Correa’s press conference was postponed due to an issue with his body. It’s unclear what the holdup was, but indications are that it had nothing to do with his back, as reported by the San Francisco Chronicle.”

What happens in Carlos Correa can’t pass physically to the Giants?

If Carlos Correa fails physically, and the two sides cannot come to a new agreement, he will return to the free agent market. It was a fiasco by San Francisco, with Corea as their star pick after missing out on Aaron Judge from the New York Yankees.

Odds are Correa will go through with his body at some point, and sign with the Giants. But for now, we must wait.

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