Johnny Depp reportedly did not sue Amber Heard for money, but only sought the truth

nAh that’s the case between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are totally shut downThere is still some data required from both sieges. The actress stuck to her guns despite settling with her ex while Johnny wanted to set things right. Despite Hurd’s intentions to ruin his life, Johnny wanted to make people understand that he never took revenge on her. All he wanted was for the truth to come out and put his image in front of his children. Johnny Depp He wasn’t out to leave Amber Hurd On the streets, he made it clear through one of his reps who spoke to the folks at People.

What did Johnny Depp say after the settlement?

This is the statement made by Johnny Depp’s representatives: “Part of the point of appeal was the financial reasons [and] To make sure there is no judgment against her – this has major ramifications. This judgment will never go away. He has always said he is not looking to destroy her. He said it’s not about the money, and it’s not like that! He just wanted the truth.”

Depp’s legal team said: “We are delighted to formally close the door on this painful chapter for Mr. Depp, who made it clear throughout the process that his priority was to uncover the truth. The jury’s unanimous decision and the resulting verdict in affirmation of Mr. Depp v. Ms. Heard remains in full force.” The $1 million payment – which Mr. Depp has pledged and will (in fact) donate to charities – cements Ms. Heard’s recognition of the conclusion of the rigorous legal system’s quest for justice.”


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