Kim Kardashian looks back at 2022 with her wildest selfie of the year

aWe are nearing the end of 2022, Kim kardashian She saved one of her best posts of the year for last.

The celebrity shared a bikini photo on her Instagram account, which quickly went viral and amassed nearly four million likes in just one day.

Kanye’s bizarre scream tells Kim Kardashian that she should marry Tom BradyIG/@rap

“Looking back at 22,” she posted a caption for the photo, which shows off most of her buttocks, along with a winking emoji.

It was also another picture Kim kardashian She showed off her blonde hair, which has become her signature in 2022.

Kim and Kanye deal

while, Kim kardashian And the Kanye West They’ve reportedly reached an agreement over child custody and more, which is why the celebs may feel a little more relaxed in December.

According to TMZ, they eventually agreed that they would have joint custody with equal access to their four children.

Despite these conditions, children are still likely to spend more time with their mother, ie Kanye West She previously claimed that they were with her 80 percent of the time.


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