The Amazing Spider-Man viewer doesn’t seem thrilled about Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse Inclusion

Fans of the short-lived animated series The Amazing Spider-Man Yesterday they were excited to discover that the main character appears to be appearing in the future Spider-Man: Through the Spider-Verse. However, the showrunners aren’t entirely sure that it will really happen. In a social media post, executive producer Greg Wiseman said that appearing in a huge crowd scene on a poster, doesn’t necessarily mean the character will actually appear in the movie. He said no one had spoken to him about a possible cameo, and he didn’t know if anyone had contacted actor Josh Keaton.

Wiseman doesn’t seem fazed, as if he has nothing to say until more concrete information becomes available. Since there is no such thing as spy visuals in animated movies, that extra context has to come from the studio.

Wiseman responded in a follow-up on Twitter, responding that he is not involved in the film, nor does he expect to be, simply because his version of the character scored a cameo. He said in response to a concerned fan, “I am not deserving of royalties. Acknowledgment would be sweet.”

If it’s true that Spectacular Spider-Man is indeed back, this isn’t the first time a Weisman-produced series has gotten some love lately. GargoyleThe beloved animated series he created for Disney in the early ’90s has recently returned to comic book at IDW Publishing, with Weisman writing. Weisman is also a model at Young justicewhich was canceled in 2013 and later revived in the DC Universe in 2019. The series has been airing on HBO Max since DC Universe has stopped creating new TV content, but it is currently unclear if it will continue beyond its last season, which aired in June.

The Amazing Spider-Man It aired from March 2008 through November 2009 on The CW and Disney XD. Set at Peter Parker High School, the series was primarily based on the Stan Lee/John Romita Jr. era of comics, and featured a mixture of action and humor, along with more mature themes that surprised audiences given the “young” look of the show. The series was originally planned for five seasons, but disputes between Disney and Sony led to it ending before the third season could begin. He succeeded him Ultimate Spider-Manwhich ran for five seasons on Disney XD starting in 2012.



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