The cries of loving WWE fans for Xavier Woods’ party during NXT

WWE NXT Night One featured New Day’s defense of their newly won NXT Tag Team Championships, and although Pretty Deadly wanted a rematch, it was Briggs and Jensen who won the opportunity first. However, Pretty Deadly is on their way to their rematch, and to do so, they have to scavenge all the things in New Day’s scavenger hunt. During an exchange with Xavier Woods about that list, fans noticed two unexpected references to Da Party and Tyler Breeze, and they absolutely loved both. You can find the starting reactions on the next slide.

At one point, Pretty Deadly was reading about things they hadn’t collected yet and asking Woods how they were ever going to find them. They said they found some things, but Kingston and Woods wouldn’t budge on the stipulation of earning the title back. It was here that Woods said, “Get me a Tyler Breeze selfie stick, it’s for a party.”

Those who followed Breeze during his stint in WWE and NXT know that a previous gimmick he used involved him capturing himself on camera as he walked out to the ring and in the ring, using a selfie stick to do so. That’s a fun reference in and of itself, but then he delivered that party line.

Those who watch UpUpDownDown are very familiar with Da Party, which features Woods, Breeze, Cesaro (now Claudio Castagnoli), and Adam Cole. The group always played together and often Uno, and their games were hilarious. The group recently reunited after going a long time without playing together due to Cole and Castagnoli leaving WWE. Breeze was previously released from WWE but then returned to be a part of UpUpDownDown.

What do you think of the Da Party reference on NXT? Tell us in the comments or as always you can talk about all things wrestling with me on Twitter @MattAguilarCB!

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