Winter Solstice 2022: Understanding the shortest day of the year and its significance

nIt’s officially cold season, it’s time to bring out the jackets, snowstorms, and cold winds To beware of respiratory diseases: Winter is coming on Wednesday, December 21, and it will be exactly 16:48 EST.

This is known as Winter solstice, meaning that this Wednesday will be the shortest day of the year in terms of daylight. For example, on the East Coast, in New York, there will be only 9 hours 15 minutes 17 seconds of daylight, according to information published by experts at

What is the winter solstice?

Also known as the December solstice, The winter solstice is an astronomical event that depends on the Earth’s tilt in relation to the sun. It occurs when the North Pole is tilted at its farthest from the sun, causing less light to reach Earth’s northern hemisphere.

But after December 21st, every day will start to look the same More daylight and nights will get a little shorter As these three months pass, we approach spring.

It’s called inversion because It comes from the Latin word “solstitium,” made up of the words “sol” (for the sun) and “stetium” (to stop). This is because the sun appears to stop moving for a brief moment the moment winter sets in.

Winter doesn’t come to everyone

It must be remembered that the winter solstice occurs in December only in the northern hemisphere, because in the south they are exactly the opposite, And tomorrow they will celebrate the beginning of summer. In that part of the world it will not be the shortest day of the year, But the longest, exactly the opposite of what we’re going to test.

According to many meteorologists, there are two types of winter: the first started on December 1st, In what they call a “meteorological winter,” based on the annual cycle of temperaturerather than the earth’s journey around the sun.

“Astronomical Winter,” which begins on Wednesday 21st. It runs until March 20th or 21st, when spring arrives.


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