WWE’s Kayden Carter and Katana retained the NXT Women’s Tag Team Titles in a thrilling triple threat

The WWE NXT Women’s Tag Team Championships were on the line in a Triple Threat match, which is always a shady situation for champions. Kayden Carter and Katana Chance would defend their championships against Toxic Attraction’s Jesse Jane and Gigi Dolin and Diamond Mine’s Tatum Paxley and Ivy Nile, with Carter and Dolin first. Everyone would find themselves involved, and at one point it looked like Neil and Baxley had won it, but a one-man move from Carter was able to counteract Nile’s submission and give the champions the win, allowing them to retain their NXT Women’s Championship. .

Dolin and Carter were getting things started, and Dolin puts Carter in the corner and puts Jane in. Niles positioned herself against Jane, holding her in the center of the ring until he tagged in Baxley and hit a great kick. They teamed up on Jayne and then Paxley followed up with a cover but she was knocked out, Paxley then tagged in Niles. Jayne bought herself some space but then Carter tags herself in and takes Jayne down.

Carter and Chance kicked Dolin out of the ring apron and then eliminated everyone else, knocking them both to the floor. After Dolin and Nile traded in the ring and Dolin was on edge, but Nile stopped the momentum by tagging in Carter, who put Dolin on her heels. Paxley is tagged in and nearly pinned by Carter, but is knocked out. Accidentally knocked Paxley off the side of the ring and went toe-to-toe with Carter, but then Chance tagged in and got Paxley into the cover, though Niles saved the day.

Then everyone came in and hit super kicks, Toxick was on top but Carter broke things off. Jayne caught Nile but then ended up missing in the corner and Paxley went to cover it, only to be pulled apart at the last minute by Dolin. Niles and Jane were energetic, and Jane slammed Niles and waited to pounce. The opportunity was scored despite teaming with Carter, but Paxley accidentally pushed and broke it up. Next, he locked Niles Carter, but Carter used the ropes to push herself away and reverse, pinning Niles shoulders to the mat and winning the match. Carter and Chance remain WWE NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions.

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