Diego Luna addresses a rumored alternate Rogue One ending featuring more Darth Vader

In the six years that followed Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Landing in theaters, countless rumors and reports surfaced about how the movie’s theatrical cut differed from other versions of the adventure, which included at least one rumor that Darth Vader killed off the main characters in the movie. Despite the various changes to the project in its development and production, star Diego Luna confirmed that regardless of the rumors, the film’s finale played out as director Gareth Edwards had intended. There are a number of confirmed changes the film went through, but Luna has claimed the ending is in line with Edwards’ original plan.

“The first time I was asked to sit with the director, in Los Angeles, I was asked to go into a restaurant, and the restaurant was empty. He had his back to the wall with his computer open and asked me to sit next to him.” Council of the Sith. “He started telling me a story and he kept saying, ‘Then this guy, then this girl, then this guy…’ and he started showing me sketches and an artistic idea, and then at the end, I was like, ‘Why would he phrase it that way? Then he said, “I want you to play the man.” Then he said: “If you want it, now we have to convince everyone, but I would love to do it with you.” And I said, “Oh, cool.” And the story he recommended to me is the one we saw, both in terms of beginning and end. Many things have changed along the way, but not the end. “

Vader appears in the film in what may be the most memorable sequence, as the Sith Lord’s stroll down a corridor where he takes down a number of Rebel soldiers is the fiercest display of his brutality. While Luna has confirmed that the ending has not changed, Edwards himself previously revealed that one of the changes made to the ending was the inclusion of such a sequence, which was not originally planned.

He arrived and obliterated the calamari ship, then the blockade runner came out just in time and chased the blockade runner. [editor] Jabez [Olssen] He was like, ‘I think we need to get Darth onto that ship,’ and I think, yeah, that’s a great idea and I’d love to do it, but there’s no way we’re going to let that,” Edwards recalled to Fandango Back in 2017. “It’s a big number and we had like three or four months before the release. [Lucasfilm president] Cathy [Kennedy] So she went in and thought of Jabez, and he pitched this idea to her, and she loved it. Suddenly within a week or two, we were in Pinewood shooting this scene.”

Edwards added, “Because it was my last chance to do Star Wars, and because you know it’s the end, we were really very careful with it. We put everything on the storyboard and tried to have no regrets.”

Luna is currently filming the second season Star Wars: Endor.

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