3 fielding choices left better than Aaron Hicks for the Yankees to chase

These three trade targets would be much better choices for the New York Yankees in left field than Aaron Hicks.

Open a phone book at your grandparents’ house, point at a name, and you’re likely to land on an even more favorite New York Yankees left fielder than Aaron Hicks. The team plans to move forward with him as a starting left fielder next year.

Fans are still hoping Brian Cashman will don poker face and have something else planned. The Yankees couldn’t believe he was their best option. When he’s not injured, he’s hardly productive. It’s time to cut the bait and move on.

Looking outside the Yankees organization, there are some better options out there for them to consider. Although these three players are costly to varying degrees, they fit in well with the Yankees and give them an improvement over Hicks.

1) Bryan Reynolds is the Yankees most logical left field promotion

Yankees fans won’t stop talking about Brian Reynolds until he’s completely unavailable to them. The Pittsburgh Pirates player would be a great addition to them. He had already requested a trade from Pittsburgh. The only thing left is to get both parties to talk and come to an agreement.

The Pirates roster is doing well with young stars like Ke’Bryan Hayes and O’Neill Cruz on the court. The Reynolds deal would need to give the Pirates at least one pitcher and a batter they could hope to land on a major league roster over the next two seasons. Unfortunately, New York does not have many outstanding young arms. Maybe he’s the MLB-experienced Louis Gill already.

Reynolds doesn’t reach free agency until after the 2025 season. He’s shown he deserves a potential purchase that would put weight in the farm system. He would be a dream addition to the Yankees roster. If you can’t get it, there are a couple more players you should take a look at.

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