5 Good Things I Can Actually Say About Zack Snyder’s DC Snyderverse Now That It Looks Like It’s Over

You probably won’t find a harsher critic than Zack Snyder has done to DC, Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman mainstays than me. Dubbed the “Snyderverse” by fans, he got the Justice League and made them all dark and brooding, a polar opposite of the MCU’s bright and often colorful approach. For that reason (and maybe because it was less profitable than the MCU) the DC bosses had to be “honest” about the Snyderverse, scrap the whole thing, and start over with James Gunn.

And you know what was my first thought when I heard this news? Hassan! I was so happy Wonder Woman 3 And the Man of Steel 2 cancelled. Who needs more that Bullshit? I certainly didn’t. But then, I kept seeing the hashtags #firejamesgunn on Twitter and I just wondered, why? Like, why are some people so excited about the Snyderverse (excited enough that Sean O’Connell In fact he wrote an entire book on the subject (Opens in a new tab)).

That’s when I started to think again, and actually remembered the few instances where I really thought the Snyderverse was kind of cool. Yeah, those instances were few and far between, and no, I’m not sad the Snyderverse was done for good, but, here are five. Hassan Things I can actually say about it.

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Batfleck is my all time favorite live action version of Batman

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