A 30,000-year-old artwork destroyed by vandals in Australia

Fifthandals who left a message in the walls Connalda Cave in South Australia National Heritage Site destroyed ancient artwork.

The walls of the cave were decorated from Cretaceous limestone before Aboriginal Meringue Some people in Australia 30,000 years ago, According to the BBC. Until recently, when thieves breached the steel barrier of the cave and carved a message into the patterns, they had survived.

“Don’t look now, but this is the Cave of Death,” said the message. According to representatives of the Mirning people, art cannot be saved or restored.

Senior Morning Elder Uncle Bona Lowry He told the BBC, “It is an insult to our country and an affront to our history. What is gone, we will never get it back.”

The destruction of the artwork, according to Lawrie, is an example of the “constant disrespect” suffered by the people of Mirning.

According to the site, an investigation into the incident has begun.

An attack on the history of Australian indigenous peoples

The vandalism at the site was, according to South Australian Attorney General and Indigenous Affairs Minister Kiam Maher, “frankly shocking”.

“These caves are among the oldest evidences of indigenous occupation of that part of the country,” he said.

According to the archaeologist, the painting could not be preserved because of the surface of the wall Keren Walshwho also mentioned this Watchman.

Walsh explained, “The vandals did an enormous amount of damage. The art is not recoverable.” “The surface of the cave is very thin. The graffiti cannot be removed without damaging the art underneath,” she added. “It is a huge and tragic loss to have been tarnished to such a degree.”

According to the BBC, the Morning elders claimed they spoke with government representatives earlier this year about what they considered to be insufficient security at the site.

Anyone who is determined to have damaged an Aboriginal place or artifact may be subject to $6,700 fine or maximum sentence Six months in prison.


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