Anthony Rizzo’s guilt hampered Aaron Judge staying in the best way possible

Anthony Rizzo touched an emotional chord with Aaron Judge to help convince him to return to the New York Yankees.

I don’t care how much macho you pups can make Anyone heart melt. Turns out it was the same for Aaron Judge and Anthony Rizzo.

Both star players chose to re-sign with the New York Yankees this offseason in hopes of bringing him back and finally over the hump to at least reach the World Series for the first time since 2009.

Rizzo was the first to sign, and Judge’s extended free agency stint was the biggest offseason story of the year. After Rizzo signed, he went on the offense for the Yankees to try to get Judge back to the Bronx. Disarm the judge using puppy pictures.

Anthony Rizzo used pictures of dogs in an attempt to convince Aaron Judge to stay with the Yankees

speaking of the judge, Here is what Rizzo had to say about his conversations with the judge When the free agency decision was made:

“I sent him two pictures of our dogs together, because we both have dachshunds, and they say we can’t keep them apart,” said Rizzo. “But it was more encouraging, ‘What would be best for you and Sam?'” “

Rizzo knew let’s be real exactly What was he doing by sending those pictures to the judge. A dachshund owner himself, he knows how much his dog means to Judge, and how pet owners tend to put their animals’ needs before their own.

We’ll never know how big a factor the judge’s dog was in the decision to stay, but he had to cross his mind, even for a second, at some point. If nothing else, when Rizzo sent the photos he had to pay Judge a small size A little bit towards the Yankees direction.

At the end of the day, this is one of the many things the judge has gotten used to in a striped fashion over the past several years. Rizzo has only been a teammate in New York for a season and a half now, but there are countless ways New York has become home for Judge and his family. And yes, pets are family!

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