Is Johnny Depp recoverable after the defamation trial? The producer of Pirates of the Caribbean doesn’t think so

Jerry Bruckheimer is a big shot Hollywood Producer Who has a lot of movies under his belt, the most famous of which is the Pirates of the Caribbean saga immortalized by Johnny Depp and his character Jack Sparrow, Bruckheimer does not see Depp being compensated following the Amber Heard trial.

Jerry Bruckheimer He has produced many blockbusters like Top Gun, Bad Boys, Black Hawk Down, etc. He recently spoke to Hollywood Reporter, and although he wants to be the lead actor in the franchise, he thinks his personal life is in the way.

Jerry Bruckheimer claims to be friends with Depp

Johnny Depp shows a new tattoo on his arm: what did he do?

Bruckheimer said he would love to return as Jack Sparrow “I’d love to be in the movie, he’s a friend, a great actor, and it’s such a shame that personal life creeps into everything we do.”

However, the veteran producer thinks twice about the option. “I think he’s going to have a career but I don’t see him being replaced, I think the celebrities in Hollywood are going to turn away from him.”

Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard Trial

Depp’s last trial where he won the defamation case against him Ex-wife Amber Heard It took him through the bushes where he had to ask people to testify about his past romantic life as he was accused of. Domestic Violence And the sexual assaultHowever, The trial was about his reputation rather than Heard’s allegations.

Disney Studios avoids controversy

Jerry Bruckheimer says he’d like to bring him on board but Disney is worried about its brand and how to do it Avoid scandals with controversy “Disney is the studio’s most hated scandal because of its brand and its theme parks.” He said.


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