Is McDonald’s open on Christmas Eve?

McDonald’s hours on Christmas Eve.

There are only a few things in life you can count on: death, taxes, and opening McDonald’s on holiday.

As with almost every holiday, most McDonald’s restaurants will be open on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. There may be some exceptions though. There are several different types of McDonald’s, and they will all have their own way of doing things.

When does McDonald’s close on Christmas Eve?

Type 1: Company websites

These are the locations that are actually run and operated by McDonald’s. Those will be open during normal business hours.

Type 2: franchise sites

These are independently run sites that will set their own hours. Most likely, they’ll follow up with corporate stores, but if they’re in a sparsely populated area or the owners are great to their staff, they might close early. So check your local site before heading to the Big Mac.

Type 2: Inside the Business

Sometimes you’ll find McDonald’s inside another location, such as an airport, Wal-Mart, and food courts. These will likely all adhere to store hours, but again, double check.

And remember, while you’re enjoying milkshakes and salty french fries, someone out there is working on holiday and being nice.

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