Jets legend piles on Zack Wilson after a steamy Thursday night

New York Jets legend Daryl Reeves hasn’t held back from his criticism of quarterback Zack Wilson and his inability to produce.

Darrelle Revis is about as real as it gets. The former New York Jets star doesn’t mince words for the players, including quarterback Zack Wilson.

After several terrible performances, former second serve back-up Mike White was relegated. With White out of the mix due to injury, Wilson came back losing to Detroit.

However, Wilson was absolutely awful against fellow draft pick Trevor Lawrence and the Jacksonville Jaguars, going 9 of 18 for 92 yards and a pick before being sued with Chris Striveler. The game was so bad that Revis couldn’t hold back any longer.

Not just Revis, but the fan base seems to have had enough, and social media was having a field day too, as Wilson has been listed as an all-time potential bust, joining the likes of Ryan Leaf and Jamarcus Russell.

Daryl Reeves disemboweled Zack Wilson after a disastrous performance against the Jaguars.

It may be too late, but it looks like the New York Jets made a historic mistake again, and teams like the Chicago Bears and New England Patriots have them to thank. The former landed with Justin Fields, and the latter finished with Mack Jones. San Francisco ended up with Tre Lance.

Lance is injured, so we can’t say much, but Jones has shown that with a competent caller, he can make the Patriots better. Fields needs more weapons and protection, and it’s possible that he and Lawrence are elite men from recruiting class. Wilson? There is not even a glimmer of hope unless there is a cougar scene.

The Jets have all the talent around Wilson, but he seems so overwhelmed, that Pro Day single may have baffled the Jets for the wrong reasons. Darrelle Revis seems to think so, and it’s crystal clear. Once again, the Jets messed up, so the pattern of player incompetence continued.

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