Move over Venompool, Carnagepool is coming soon

Marvel fans thought Venompool was a monster (and to be fair he absolutely is), but they aren’t nearly ready for Carnagepool mayhem. Those who’ve been keeping up with Alyssa Wong’s (Star Wars: Doctor Aphra) and artist Martin Coccolo’s (Hulk vs. Thor: Banner of War) series Deadpool know he was sent to take down one of Marvel’s biggest villains, and something was growing inside of him. Marvel’s March 2023 screenings give fans a preview of what’s out there, and it’s none other than Carnage, who is now looking to get his way, whatever that means for Deadpool.

Deadpool did all of this in an effort to make his true mark on the mercenary game, and that means he needs to land an Atelier. It’s now been revealed that the thing growing inside of him is Carnage, and anyone who knows the villain will realize that he doesn’t really care about anyone else’s welfare.

(photo: Marvel)

Wade now has to figure out how not to get destroyed in the process, but maybe a transformation could soon follow? We’ll just have to wait and see how it all turns out, but in the meantime you can find the official description of Deadpool #5 below, and the release date for March next year.

Dead #5

Alyssa Wong (w) • Martin Kukulo (A/C)


Loose massacre!

Oh – did we mention that the thing growing inside a ravine was a Carnage? Because it is. And he’s very done riding with Wade and WANTS OUT NOW. Brace yourself, Wade – you’re about to rip a new one!

32 PGS. / Parental Consultation… $3.99

In the initial announcement, Wong said “I love chaos. And what is Deadpool if not chaos personified? I’m honored to be taking the reins on Wade’s next solo adventure – expect romance, expect body horror, expect a good time!”

Some time ago, I was given a ten-page story for Deadpool: Black, White & Blood. It was a great albeit short experience that left me wanting more, so when asked if I wanted to take the reins on the new Deadpool series I replied with a resounding yes! Then I read Alyssa’s script and I loved it, their script is innovative, dynamic and very interesting and working with Alyssa is an absolute pleasure,” said Kokolo. “They’re the BEST! So I honestly couldn’t be happier with the opportunity and I think, or at least hope readers will notice how fun this project is for everyone involved and hopefully they’ll go with us!”

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