Netflix fans started the Save Warrior Nun movement, and even the creative team is getting involved

Falling in love with a Netflix show can be risky in recent years due to the operator’s tendency to cancel shows even with very vocal fanbases, often after just one season. In fact, the platform canceled a comic book series it had already wrapped filming earlier this year, leading to heartbreak for the star. Netflix’s fans Warrior Nun They got two seasons in before the show was cancelled, but they’re not ready to accept the end of Ava and the rest of the characters’ travels. Viewers are fighting to save Warrior NunAnd now creator Simon Barry has joined as well as others from the show.

Warrior Nun It ran for two seasons, with the first highly anticipated original film set to debut in 2020 and the second in November as part of the 2022 TV premiere schedule. Just over a month after the release of the second season on November 10, Netflix canceled the fantasy drama. Creator Simon Barry confirmed the news on Instagram On December 13, he expressed his “sincere appreciation to all the fans who have worked so hard to bring awareness to this series”. Now, Barry is going even further and throwing his support behind the #SaveWarriorNun movement on Twitter:

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