Pokémon Unite Update 7 changes Pokémon, patch notes have been revealed

Pokemon unite Got a fresh new update this week, one that targets a total of seven different Pokemon to give players some changes to play with while everyone else goes on a holiday break. The update in question contained a mix of improvements and constrictions for some who were too weak or others who had certain abilities that were too strong, and the update is now available for players to test.

Released on Wednesday, the update addressed a number of different areas such as the in-game store as well as the game’s battle pass, but as is the case most times with these types of updates, the most notable parts of the patch are the balance changes. All of these can be found below along with the context of what exactly changed.


Confusion Ray’s ability to block opponents was too strong and it was decimated.

Ray confused

  • Cooldown time: 8 seconds. → 10 sec.


Dragon Pulse’s ability to focus damage was extremely powerful, while Dragon Tail’s and Revolving Ruin’s ability to defend the user was extremely powerful. It has been decreased accordingly.

Dragon’s fault

  • Time to store one backup use: 12 seconds. → 14 sec.
  • Minimum time between uses: 2 seconds. → 2.5 sec.

Dragon pulse

  • Cooldown time: 8 seconds. → 9 seconds.
  • Additional damage from damage markers: reduced by 25%

revolving ruin

  • Shield effect: decreased by 15%.
  • Movement speed of Resistance Pokemon that touches a burning ring decreases: decreased by about 20%


The mobility granted by Agility was too high and it was weakened. Jump Kick buffed to allow Dodrio to jump more during battle.


  • Cooldown time: 10 seconds. → 11 sec.
  • Increased movement speed effect: reduced by 20%

jump kick

  • Cooldown time: 7.5 seconds. → 6.5 sec.


The Water Pulse’s offensive and defensive abilities were too strong, so they were weakened.

water pulse

  • Cooldown: 4 sec. → 5 sec.
  • Damage: reduced by about 10%


Buzzwole previously took a long time to reach his full potential, so his ability has been modified to help him become a more active participant in battle. Some animations have been decreased to balance this change.

Monster promotion

  • Now increases the muscle gauge even when Buzzwole deals damage to wild Pokemon


  • Time to store one backup use: 6 seconds. → 7.5 sec.


The Pyro Ball, which leaves the user very exposed, has been buffed so that it can deal a decent amount of damage.

pyro ball

  • Damage to opponents Pokemon: increased by 8%


Fixed Elimination so Rapid Strike Style Urshifu can stay in battles longer.


  • Cooldown time: 12 seconds. → 10 sec.
  • Shield effect: increased by 20%

filter +

  • Cooldown time: 10 seconds. → 9 seconds.
  • Shield effect: increased by 20%


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