The Real Reason Chris Reed Left Saturday Night Live

Chris Reed made a name for himself in the comedy world during his five seasons Saturday Night Live. He became known for his Kanye West impression (although he He does not consider himself an impressionist), and even won an Emmy Award for one of his many musical sketches. That is, until he recently followed in his footsteps Co-stars like Kate McKinnon By turning away from the show. These days he’s out on his own, having recently launched his own show on HBO Max Why do I like this. Getting all that stage time to himself is a far cry from the popular comedy show, and that’s exactly what the guy wants, as it turns out he’s tired of being a small cog in a big machine. Not only that, but the pressure of the show was taking a huge toll on his mental health.

When we talk about the constant pressure of cutting out SNL In contrast to being a star of his own, Chris Reed ops:

I was worried about cutting time for six years. Turns out that when you do a private, even if you cut my jokes off for an hour, I’m still the only person who talks for an hour. And I love this shit, you know? I mean, I was like, I want to spend the next five years doing this, just creating, just making my stuff. And, you know, I think fighting for 5 to 6 minutes a week just doesn’t drive me the same way anymore.

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