The seventh Marvel Infinity Stone has a shocking connection to a powerful Avenger

marvel It’s revealed that there’s a seventh Infinity Stone in the universe (now in Thanos’ possession), but we’re about to find out that this seventh “black” Infinity Stone has a deep connection to a powerful Avengers hero. January will bring bull #30 is on comic book stands, and Thor will meet none other than King Bor to find out some deep secrets about how Asgard is connected to the Black Infinity Stone.

It all started with a vision in which Thor resurrected Thanos, leading an army of the undead and armed with Mjolnir (included with the Infinity Stones) in one hand, and the Black Infinity Stone Gauntlet on the other (in Thanos: Death Notes). That vision sent Thor on a journey to find the Black Infinity Stone and stop Thanos’ return (bull No. 29). Thor learns that Bor shared the Black Infinity Stone, and goes to a forbidden section in Niffleheim with his former Valkyrie Runa to find out more, as well as rescue his little sister Laussa from Corvus Glaive, who is also searching for the Black Infinity Stone.

What Thor learns is that in the ancient war, Bor had wizards develop a weapon to ensure Asgard’s victory – until an explosion of magic halted that process. It is not made clear, but it is implied that the Black Infinity Stone was created from it – and that Bor and Odin knew about it. A big cliffhanger that sees Thor discover Bor is still alive.

The whole Marvel story leading up to Thanos’ resurrection has been bringing together some major threads: the history of the Asgard family and Thor; Thanos. This secret infinity stone; and Death, obviously linked to the Black Infinity Stone, which could be the key to dead cosmic figures like Bor and Thanos suddenly appearing again.

The mystery will continue to unfold in January’s Thor #30, with “Legacy of Thanos: Part Two.” You can read the summary below:

Torunn Grønbekk and Nic Klein continue their journey into the murky waters! After chasing Corvus Glaive – the kidnapper of Thor’s little sister – into a vault that requires god’s blood to be unlocked, Thor and Rúna find themselves face to face with King Bor himself! And… Thanos? What dark and bloody secrets of Asgard’s past lie in this twisted and enigmatic story… and what will it reveal about the future of the entire Marvel Universe?

Release date: January 25, 2023
Author: Torun Groenbeck
Drawing pen: Nick Klein
Cover artist: Nick Klein

bull #30 has a release date of January 25, 2023.


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