Carmen Electra shares how Prince dropped her real name and came up with her stage name

Carmen Electra has had a bit of a career whirlwind. I’ve thought about it in recent months, speaking before the People’s Choice Awards about starting out as a “dancer” before working with Prince and then gaining recognition from starring in on-schedule TV projects like Baywatch. yes, the Prince. While chatting with Mario Lopez and Courtney Lopez, she recently dropped her real name, also sharing that it was the Minneapolis-based musician who gave her the name “Electric.”

in a loop of Get to HollywoodCarmen Electra revealed that Prince was responsible for her stage name. It’s long been known that while Electra was working for Prince’s Paisley Park Records (where she recorded an album in 1993), she changed her name on the artist’s recommendation, but she’s shared the full story here.

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