Is Dunkin Donuts open? [Updated December 2022]

If you’re looking forward to getting your coffee on Christmas Day, will you be able to get your veins pumping full of Dunkin Donuts or something?

Dunkin Donuts, or now just Dunkin’, is one of the world’s leading brands of coffee and donuts, though these days it’s less donuts and more coffee. The brand offers a nice all-day breakfast option for those craving something different, and their coffee is some of the best around. However, you’re going to get hurt if you’re trying to get to Dunkin Donuts at Christmas.

As with McDonald’s, each Dunkin’ is independently owned, so its hours of operation on Christmas Day will be determined by that store chain’s owner. If they do close, the retailer will be close all day but will reopen on December 26, 2021. So if you’re walking around looking for a cup of coffee or a donut, you might be out of luck. Call ahead your local Donkin’ and ask if they are open.

If you aren’t, that doesn’t mean there are no options, however, if you absolutely need cake and coffee.

Dunkin’ Donuts Christmas Hours 2022

If you’re desperate for coffee and cake, you’re out of luck. But not completely. Starbucks is out, so if you’re hoping to get a coffee from there, no response. They, too, are closed at Christmas, but gas stations with some strong coffee specials will be open; Like Speedway, Wawa and Sheetz will all be open on Christmas.

If you need a donut fix, some gas stations, like Speedway, make donuts in-house. While they may not bake any day, there may be some leftovers, and who knows; They will probably have some fresh donuts waiting for you depending on the location.

If you hit there, there are a number of pharmacies that will open. CVS pharmacy and Walgreens will be open on Christmas Day and many people have some kind of coffee for you to buy. Whether it’s cold in a can or the kind you make at home. They also have a variety of pastries for sale and you might get lucky and see a box of assorted cakes from a hostess or a competing brand.

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