Is Starbucks open? [Updated December 2022]

Is Starbucks open or closed on Christmas Day, or will you have to go elsewhere to get fresh coffee today?

Starbucks is one of the largest purveyors of coffee in the world. Many people go to their stores every day to get their daily caffeine. They offer a lot of options beyond your standard of coffee and people seem to really enjoy that. However, if you’re looking for a Christmas coffee fix, you’ll be sad duck.

While most stores are certainly closed on Christmas, some participating Starbucks stores will be open on Christmas Day but not all. So your best bet is to call the nearest Starbucks on the 25th to see if they are open. You might end up without your Frappuccino this holiday season. This shouldn’t be too surprising, as most places are closed on Christmas Day.

So if you’re walking around and desperately need a Starbucks coffee, you might be better off going somewhere else that’s guaranteed to be open.

Starbucks Christmas Hours 2022: Is Starbucks Open?

Let’s say you just want coffee and you know your Starbucks was among those closed for Christmas. It’s not the brand but the drink you need. Well, you’re not entirely out of luck. Nearly all gas stations will be open, so your Wawa and Speedways stations, your Sheetz commercial stations will be open and likely serve coffee as well.

If you’re not near a 24-hour gas station, you might have some luck with a 24-hour McDonald’s. Most McDonald’s restaurants will be closed on Christmas, but some will be open, depending on their location. High traffic stores, especially just off major highways, are likely to be open, but since they are owned by multiple owners, it will be up to the specific lot owner to decide if they remain open at Christmas.

Finally, if you’re willing to make coffee at home but are all out of the old stuff, most drug stores will be open. So you can go to Walgreens or a CVS drugstore and get a can of coffee to brew at home, or take a look at their selection of brews. Maybe they have Starbucks cold coffee in the cooler.

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