The Glass Onion: Knives Out’s biggest and most amazing twist on the movie

Every spoiler you want to avoid before watching Glass Onion: Takes the mystery out of the cutlery In the future. You’ve been warned, watch the movie streaming right now with a Netflix subscription first.

After our jaws first dropped at Rian Johnson in 2019, we were pretty curious if the director’s sequel could recapture the experience we had at that Winter Palace in Massachusetts. The change in landscape is seen on the billionaire’s private island side by side glass onionstacked casts It did so well that Benoit Blanc’s second mystery is arguably even better than his debut. And that has a lot to do with all the horrible ups and downs during 2023 Golden Globe nominee.

glass onion He sees Daniel Craig’s Benoit Blanc among the guests invited to tech billionaire Miles Bron’s private island for a murder mystery weekend, which is supposed to be fun and games. Along with Bron’s old friends, Craig receives a puzzle box that they must all solve to secure their invitation before venturing to the luxurious island. As the plot unfolds, here are the lines that have us gasping in amazement.

(Image credit: Netflix)

Benoit Blanc solves the fake murder mystery of Miles in minutes

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