Marvel fan favorite Ghost Rider Return

As Ben Percy and Corey Smith continue to tell the story of Johnny Blaze in Marvel’s ongoing film Ghost rider series, another title featuring a different iteration of the character is being launched. Come March, the vengeful spirit will once again haunt the stars thanks to a new one Ghost Cony Rider Series by Stephanie Phillips and Juan Caballe.

Now that the March Marvel order slate has been released, the House of Ideas has confirmed the character’s return. Frank Castle From a different timeline, the now-retired Cosmic Ghost Rider will encounter a version of himself on a rampage across the universe.

“I love the humor and absurdity of Cosmic Ghost Rider, and since he’s a newer character I feel like there’s a lot of potential room (pun intended) to push him in new directions,” Phillips previously told Polygon about the new series. “I’m excited to play with Marvel cosmic characters and write something that feels really new to me and Frank Castle as well.”

Cosmic Ghost Rider was created by Donny Cates and Jeff Shaw and debuted in 2018 Thanos Maxi series. Becoming an instant fan favorite, the character has been featured in her own mini-series during her appearances in Cates’ Guardians of the Galaxy series as well.

Marvel’s full solicitation for this issue can be found below.

Stephanie Phillips (wife) • Joan Caballe (a)
Variant cover by Ryan Stegman
Variant cover by Nick Roach
Alternate cover by Corey Smith
Revenge again!

In a remote corner of deep space, Frank Castle has managed to get by with a quiet life, as his days as Cosmic Ghost Rider are finally behind him. But across the universe, an evil bounty hunter leaves a trail of corpses in his wake and his name is… Cosmic Ghost Rider?! When Frank’s peaceful existence falls apart, he must put his clothes back on and face his most brutal enemy yet–himself! Be there to embark on a sprawling space adventure with shocking twists and turns in the Cosmic Ghost Rider saga!

32 PGS/T +… $3.99


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